Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Friday's To-do List

Things that can't really be described:

My friends dressed in prom dresses, drinking tequila well before the sun is over the yard arm, holding tight to my torso and grunting to keep me vertical so I can stick my head and chest out of a limo skylight and shout "Woohoo!"

Watching them dance and how sexy they suddenly are, the wind blowing their dresses and blowing the years off of them until they are the ages of their sons and daughters.

Holding my Wendy as she cries and says "I'm having trouble with you not being out there with us."

Matt arranging for a Johnny Depp look-alike to come to my house and how I can't walk but I can make a Johnny Depp look-alike blush.

Sofia organizing a group of loved ones to stand in a circle and sing "What a Wonderful World."

A baby watching, wide-eyed, as beautiful young women dance, ignoring gravity while sparks of brilliant orange ignite all around them, then die.

Being put to bed with a kiss.


Anonymous said...

You are constantly being just don't know it :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to share another moment from that amazing day. At the end of it all, you were naturally exhausted, so the bedtime routine was a little truncated. You mustered the energy before the final clipping on of the respirator, however, to lift it away from your face after it made its familiar air-sucking sound and you said, "Luke", followed by another air-sucking sound, "I am your father."

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Girl,

I talked to someone tonight that I care about, someone who is working so hard so save an organization that means a great deal to him. Our conversation turned to you and to what you mean to your muselings and the courage it gives each and everyone of us to fight for what we believe. You are our motivation, your strength gives us our strength. I can feel your exhaustion, as you write, but the point is you are still there writing and encouraging us to overcome whatever trials we may have. Feel our love Carla, it is there for you.


Anonymous said...

i only really know you from reading this blog
i have never looked into your eyes in real time, up close and personal

but what i read
and see of you here,
your life
your spiritual solidity,
makes me shiver
and feel close to you
as close as i can get to
you, a truly amazing human being.


Anonymous said...

Music a 'mega-vitamin' for the brain