Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts and Allison

Random thoughts as I wait for the sleeping pill to kick in:

1) Would John and Sarah refer to me as Carla the Canadian, Carla the Singer or Carla the Cripple?
2) New Rule: if I don’t know you and you pat me on the head I’m going to lick your face and hump your leg.
3) My friends keep buying me lovely clothes so I look like something of a dandy….a handi-dandy – get it?
4) I can’t move my left hand much and have lots of trouble with my right hand AND I STILL DO COOLER AIR QUOTES THAN JOHN MCCAIN! He looks like he’s trying to grab a rodent in his talons.
5) The best place I know to get political information is and click on THE MUSE in the top right corner
6) That’s my son’s blog.
7) Allison starts chemo tomorrow so if you like praying, send her courage, humor and a strong tummy. If you don’t like praying, send her positive thoughts and intentions. She’s a tough cookie with a creamy middle and two adorable kids who need her attention. I loved listening to her describe my brother today. “He’s such a nice man” she kept repeating. Good way to feel after 2 kids together. While you’re praying, throw in one for my baby bro.
8) Don’t tell the universe but I’m feeling optimistic today.
9) If you heard that universe, please don’t shit on me.
10) If you only had to feel love for people to be considered a slut I’d be the skankiest whore in town because I love all y’all Muselings.


Anonymous said...

Carla the Hottie!

Anonymous said...

New Rule: if I don’t know you and you pat me on the head I’m going to lick your face and hump your leg.

Is this offer limited to strangers only? Or can it be available to someone who maybe just disguises themselves as a stranger?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


Anonymous said...

Carla Z, the richest slut in town!

Anonymous said...

Love this list Carla.

Wow I am sending my super best loving thoughts and prayers to Allison on this hard day. (Hang in there Allison. I recommend those anti-nausea meds round the clock.)

much xoox


Anonymous said...

I was feeling anxious and somewhat depressed today, following an e-mail giving me bad news about a dear friend, when I checked your blog and read that we musn't tell the universe but you are optimistic. Once again you have turned my day around, I know I can do nothing for my friend but be there for him and his family, if needed, and above all be positive about the outcome.

All the very best wishes to Allison and only good thoughts going her way.

I have said it countless times but I will say it again. You are a true blessing to your Muselings and I am proud to be one.

Pat H