Sunday, July 13, 2008

late night gratitude

It’s so remarkably beautiful on my deck. The lights on the Berkeley Hills glitter like stars, the BART train passing is oddly comforting.

Here’s some other things I’m appreciating tonight:

Looking out into the audience and seeing I’ve totally cracked Edith up by rhyming “steeple” with “Japanese people” in an improv song.

Singing Circle Game and feeling like it went as well as it could go.

Doing a rare duet with an awesome drummer.

Meeting new audience members and getting to perform for them.

Matt sweeping me up into his arms and running down the stairs with me, twirling me around then trying to kick my hat up off the ground to land on my head while still holding me while I squeal like a teenager. Finally – the upside of ALS! I told his fiancée that if the hat had landed on my head I’d have had to kill her and marry him and she said that if the hat had landed on my head she would have just stepped aside and let me marry him since I wouldn’t last long anyway and she could wait. That’s some funny shit.

6 year old Bella asking my son to help fight the bad guys and him responding by asking her “what exactly would that entail?”

Maclen asking me to please call if I’m going to be out later than midnight.

Singing in the studio with Jon Evans, not being able to do what I hear and realizing that it’s okay.

Hanging out with Mac and Dennis and having them alternate cracking me up.

Having someone blog comment that one of my jokes made the front page of the Doonesbury website.

Letting people take my weight and feeling the love when they hold me.


Anonymous said...

You truly are a remarkable human, Carla, and your life has been a precious gift to all whom you have touched throughout the years. May you live forever as you will in all our hearts and minds....

Anonymous said...

to the above, i concur.


CT said...

I've always sort of wanted to live near a main road or a subway line. The sound of a single car driving down the road at night when I'm lying in bed has always been very comforting to me. You can hear it coming softly way off in the distance, crest as it passes, and fade off as it keeps going.

Now, when they park outside your house, that's a letdown. There you are, tracing this car's path with your mind, and then as the engine sound gets loudest it just slows up and shuts off with a sputter. It's like having to stop pissing halfway through.

Anonymous said...

you're words are inspiring. i found out about you from sfgate. wish i could have gone to the show last friday. my partner would like to speak with you about what he knows about als and possible cures. if interested, please contact him at he'd like to help if possible.