Friday, July 04, 2008

Anna's Jazz Island

One week from today is a maybe-I-sure-hope-not-last gig. It will be at Anna’s Jazz Island, Friday July 11 at 8pm. Anna's is at 2120 Allston Way in Berkeley and for more info you can go to Anna's mom died of ALS and she's been particularly supportive of my music so I'm hoping I can get her to give me another date quick given the circumstances. In the meantime I'll go back into the studio at the end of the month with the wonderful band and do some of my original tunes ( A couple of which I'm trying out on the gig). Yay.

Next week's gig will feature old tunes, new tunes and of course my beloveds John R. Burr, Jon Evans and David Rokeach with founding DMCer Allen Taylor sitting in fresh back from NYC where he was doing his solo show.

If you only know me from the blog and you come to the gig, please say "hi." I love to meet people who read this thing.


Anonymous said...

I will be there!


Anonymous said...

Very moved/inspired (as a human being and cancer survivor) by the Chronicle story about you today!

Bruce said...

I'd very much like to attend but I do need assurance that there will be a seat for me to sit on as I've got mobility problems myself & can't stand for too long. Please let me know if that's possible or give me the phone # for the club so I can make arrangements - thanks

Carla Zilbersmith said...

the phone number is 510- 841-JAZZ or you can tell me your specific needs and I'll make it happen.

Blueheart2 said...

THIS time I'll really try to come to your gig!


Anonymous said...

just read this blog after seeing the chronicle article. my husband lost his mother two years ago to ALS so i know how terrible it can be. i am so sorry. please check out the links to lyme disease and the electric therapy people use for this. it may be of benefit for you.