Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Fresh Bullshit is This?

Bella (5 and 11/12s) and Lucy ( 9) came over to watch the Princess Bride. We watched the movie, ate brownies and popcorn, did wheelchair races down my hall and used my new electric lazy boy to see if they could “survive” the chair without being thrown out of it. I laughed so hard watching these gorgeous girls zoom around in the wheelchairs I thought I’d split a gut. Spending time with kids has become so important to me.

Lucy made me a pair of great green earrings and Bella brought over a magic potion. She had asked the tooth fairy to bring her something that could cure a dying person. She got a hunk of gold under her pillow, which she put in a jar filled with water for me to drink. How do you stay dry-eyed for that?

My tongue has started to give me trouble. All of a sudden it is challenging to keep it moving the way it’s supposed to and Lisa said my speech was thicker. The folks at the clinic do not think it is a lithium side-effect, they think it is ALS. I think it’s unfair.

On the upside, I laughed almost as much as I cried today and given what a shitty day it was, that’s pretty cool.

Oh and the butterfly I told you about the other day is still alive!


Anonymous said...

FUCK! I am so sorry about your tongue.

I love your voice (not just the singing, either!) i can't wait to hear it again.

I will be there in about 3 weeks.

I Love you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the early morning giggle. We all need your attitude.
But hey, I've done the math on the Wilt Chamberlin thing and there ain't no fuckin' way.
Bless you, John