Monday, June 02, 2008

Heroically Sportless Aromatic

So two more events are coming up. One is a fundraiser at BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports) on June 12 and the other a gig with my band at The Jazz School on June 14. (The answer is yes, I’ll be very tired. I also have recording and lithium trial business that week.) To find out about BATS’ fundraiser go to To buy tickets email the amazing Laura Derry at: or call
(415) 759-1304. This is going to be a very funny and entertaining evening with some of the best improvisers around – period. Even if it weren’t a fundraiser I’d recommend it.

A brief digression from plugging: if you only know me from this blog you don’t know that I am bringing the hilarity to ALS – a sorely needed commodity. I’m pretty sure that if you held a summit with Stephen Hawking, Lou Gehrig, Shostokovich, Charles Mingus and David Niven, all of them together couldn’t come up with one ALS joke as funny as my friends and associates and I do on a regular basis. You can spell the word “laugh” out of the letters in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (or Lou Gherig’s disease) and in fact if you mix up and use all the letters up you get “laugh or hoot my ass sillee - crises are topical, girl…. dss” or something even better than that if you’re smart.
If you just do " amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" you get “heroically sportless aromatic” which is fitting and just "Lou Gehrig’s disease" gets you “She is a sludgier ego.” Okay…

When I digress, I really digress. This is all by way of saying June 12 promises to be highly entertaining and big ups to Laura, Rebecca and Lisa for the legwork, the caring and the vision.

June 14 is a show at the Jazz School to launch the new cd. Info about that show can be found at:

Every singing gig has become sacred to me since I don’t know how quickly the voice, the energy, etc will go and how many gigs are left. Since I was 11 I had a ‘thing” for audiences but now the crush has blown up into an all out love affair. We’ll be doing songs from the cd as well as a new one ( or two if I can get it finished) that I wrote plus one or two from the upcoming cd which I’ll be working on all week prior to the gig. The amazing Kai Eckhardt will be stepping in for Jon Evans on bass and the rest of the band are the usual suspects – Mike Zilber on sax, John R. Burr on piano and David Rokeach on drums. All three of these guys are among the best on their instruments so it’s an honor to get to play with them.

If you’re in town I hope you can make one or both of these or tell your friends about the events.

In other news I checked off another bucket list adventure and I’m running out of things on the list. I still need to take something from a hotel minibar ( there was no minibar at the Vancouver Holiday Inn), Pacific Grove and the butterflies ( oct) Disneyland ( this summer) drive my miata in an abandoned area
(next week) and be reckless about love ( easier said than done). I also need to add to the list just incase there’s some unwritten cosmic law that once you’ve completed your list you die.

So here it is: 1) wheelchair athletics: skiing, whitewater rafting –something adrenaline inducing 2) go to the red light district in Amsterdam 3) go down a snowy slope on a toboggan 4) sleep under the stars out in the world not just on my deck 5) write a book or a screenplay or both 6) go to Vegas as someone else and stay in character the whole time – I want to go as a woman who wears skin tight purple pants and has decals on her really long finger nails. Her name is Dee and she’s from a suburb in Chicago since I like that accent. She likes roulette.


Anonymous said...

The shows sound great -- I can't wait!

Can I go to Las Vegas with you as a hugely pregnant, tatooed woman named Angelina who is often heard saying, "Carla, I mean Dee..."?


CT said...

Were I to accompany this Dee, I fancy I'd be constantly lecturing her about what a chump game roulette is; and that while craps is the only game in which one player can gain a statistical advantage over the house, the only game worth playing stylistically speaking is blackjack. Both simple to learn and easy to follow (assuming a one-deck table which are increasingly rare in today's mega-casino climate), it gives the player the most return in terms of unadulterated "cool," a charming blend of rugged individualism and casual, broody savvy. I suspect Dee will be unreceptive.