Monday, April 12, 2010

A song for Carla from a student, admirer and friend

Hello Faithful Carla Community,

I've been priviledged to submit this video of a song I wrote for Carla.

Here are the lyrics:

I can't see any way out, out of here...out of here
But through, your warm embrace, midnight faces home again
and Flames, they weight the light, that keeps the fight, we pray to meet
Head on, unless we fall away, like petals may on a moonlit night
And cares they lift me high like a lullaby wrapped in flight
I dreamt I was in a baloon and everyone below waved and glowed
Goodbye - I loved the best I knew, Next time I'll do...better.




Anonymous said...

thanks for writing and singing this song - lyrics so beautiful and sung so well. much love and truth in this tune. much love to you, dear hugo...

Warren, Co-founder, MDA's Wings Over Wall Street® said...

Beautiful Hugo. This was a wonderful gift to Carla and to all who care for her. Thank you.

Hugo said...

thank you Warren...and anonymous;) Carla and all those around her deserve alot more than I can give:) but hopefully one step at a time...

Anonymous said...

this blog always makes my day. there is so much love and real life here. love and real life. thanks...