Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I myself am not much of a "prayer" but if you are would you please save room in your prayers for my friend Megan Mishork. She is a feisty, wonderful 25 year old with ALS who is now in ICU battling double pneumonia. Trust me pneumonia and ALS are a very dangerous combination so she needs all our good energy. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I am not much of a prayer either, Carla. I send love rays, little beams of my essence, which is love. Love rays are like shooting stars. Or fireworks on a dark night. Imagine a clear dark night where you can see all the stars and then imagine each star sending dazzling light rays in all directions. Each human is a star, a pulsing love energy. Love is what we are, who we are, all we are.

Carla, I came upon your blog quite recently. I read all of it over this past weekend. I have moments in which I feel like I am in the bunker with you, you inside the puniness of your physical body, you a radiant pulsing energy irregardless of the physical details. I have felt much love for you, Carla, and then for everyone. We are all you, Carla. We are all radiant love beings who have to work, and work, and work, to maintain a conscious relationship to our essence. Mostly, I am unloving. I hurt people. I can't seem to interact with any others without hurting someone. Sometimes I feel/think (flink!)that I am only failure. But there have been a few all-too-brief moments when I have known that I am love. I am aware of my own essence, which is love, when I send love rays out into the universe. I love how I feel when I am loving. I love you, Carla, who I do not know and never will, for being out there, for giving me a focus for some of my love. I know this is hokey, what I am writing. I am a lot like you, a bawdy, lustful, irreverent woman. I am not a treacly lovey dovey glop of love rays. But I am, also, love. One paradox amidsts trillions of them.

I will send love rays to Megan, loving her pneumonia and her struggle.

I love you, Carla.

I know you are surrounded by many brilliant, loving friends. I am sure my suggestion has occurred to many of the people who love you and know you in 'real' life. But I wonder if you will consider publishing your blog as a book. I could see a new kind of book, blending music and video with the text from your blog -- and other things you have written -- and maybe it could raise money for ALS, although I know raising money is always harder than it sounds (and it always sounds way hard). Maybe it wouldn't raise a dime but still raise awareness. It would not be about ALS, eh? It is about love, which is, ultimately, all there is.Maybe the documentary achieves what I am feebly suggesting. I wish I could see it. Is it available somewhere? And, btw, this does not matter and I am absolutely certain maintaining links on your blog is not important to you, most of the video links on your blog do not work.

Love to you. Love to you. Deep peace to you. Deep peace to you. Deep peace. And Megan, be well. Be free of pneumonia.

Warren, Co-founder, MDA's Wings Over Wall Street® said...

"Freaking crap!" Those were my first thoughts when I read your post. I hate ALS!!!!!!!! Megan certainly is feisty, but I'll add my prayers and positive thoughts for her to fight pneumonia and get out of the hospital quickly. Love to you too girl. My best to you and all those who choose to flip off ALS by living a meaningful life. We fight on!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, energy and love to you, Megan....you are a brilliant light! Loved you in the calendar...