Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Flat Carlita" and Kris DO Peru!

This is more or less a blog entry from Kris Cardall. She and her family went to Peru and brought "flat Carlita" taking pictures of her at several landmarks. Ironically, one of the things I always wanted to do was see the steps of Machu Picchu, but by the time I was thinking of Bucket Lists I couldn't climb stairs. Lucky for me Kris took "flat Carlita" on the adventure that "perfectly proportioned Carla" could never make. Here it is with Kris' commentary below:

In the Cusco airport. No handicapped bathrooms (or toilet paper) here!

Chillin' in the Cusco plaza.

Looking to score some weed on the streets of Cusco.

Rockin' out with the band.

Shopping spree, Pisac style!

She may not be able to enjoy the food and wine, but she can still hang out with the apostles.

Just off the train in Agua Caliente.

In the Sacred Valley. Butterfly Power!!

Flat Carlita checks Machu Picchu off her bucket list!

It's a little hard to wheel around on the floating reed island, but she makes it work.

Out for a spin in the motorboat with some new friends.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a trip! It made me feel happy to see Carla everywhere.... maybe better that you didn't experience the Cuzco airport bathroom, eh?



Anonymous said...

way cool. beau-ti-ful....

Anonymous said...

Please post this Carla...

Anonymous said...

As always, the girlfriends rock! What a creative bunch they are...great job Kris!

Anonymous said...

Too flippin' funny!

Lauren T. Mack said...

Jealous of flat Carlita. Sending you gorgeous bright awesome thoughts.