Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ac-cen-tu-ate the Positive

Dear Friends,

I can’t sing. My speech isn’t clear enough to do any kind of reliable performing. I can’t walk across the room or do a Rockette dance kick and my “jazz hands” are a disgrace to performers everywhere. I used to be a performer and now it taxes me to sit in the audience for a whole show. It’s hard as hell to write even this much.

Here is how you can help: Open your arms wide and breathe in the beautiful fucking miracle of your brief existence here alongside the hummingbirds, the butterflies and Johnny Depp. Let your life be the raucous party it wants to be and don’t worry about god calling the cops. I still refuse to believe any god worth a damn is a buzz kill. Stand on your fabulous legs and give your ass a sassy wiggle. Dance, sing, laugh and make-out frequently.

I will join you, and as you can see from the video below, I’ll do the best with what I’ve got. This video, by the way, is a gift from me to you with much, much love.


P.S. Listen carefully to the lyrics, sung by my gal, Aretha.


Anonymous said...

Oh Carla!!! You are such a shining light, I think I have to put sunglasses on just to watch your beautiful self come beaming and radiating through my laptop.

I never imagined there would be a new post today, but I figured what the hell, I'll check (I guess there's a way to automate this, but I just go to my FAVORITES and click on YOU :). Anyway, today was a really, really down day for me --lot's of reasons -- none of them really important in the big, big picture, but I let myself spiral down. Once again, you managed to cut right through the B.S. and get to the heart of the matter and remind me what's what.

If it helps you in some teeny, tiny, miniscule way to know that as soon as I post this comment, I'm going to get up, put on Sting singing "Message in a Bottle" (one of my favorite get down and boogie numbers) and shake my ass dancing around my livingroom then sister, consider it done. I love you!! KK

Anonymous said...

Taking my first salsa lesson tomorrow because of your inspiring video. See how powerful you are? J

Anonymous said...

rock on, carla
any move is a good move
we all move in different ways
subtle and not so subtle
i used to be able
to totally rock out
my head, my neck, my ass
now i am lucky if i swing a thing or two
in a direction like you
and, it's still all good.
thanks, as usual, for the reminder

Anonymous said...

A couple of points I would like to make. I always appreciate what you have to write. In addition EVERYONE's comments resonate with my soul too. We are all in coherence with you Carla.

Thanks for letting us see not only you...but your bird, wheelie-chair and a little of your home. It means a lot to have a feeling for where you are. Makes it easier to beam healing and loving thoughts to you.

Finally, you are a delight. You dance with whatever moves you! What great exercise! It is a joy to see the life and love in you, especially with the video.

Those of us that read your blog have been reading the words that represent your beauty. This video adds so much more to us seeing the whole lovely package you come in!


Laura Derry said...

Dear Carla -

I. Love. You.

I will waggle my sassy ass in Johnny Depp's general direction. I'll work on the make out part - I'm afraid I haven't been doing much of that lately.

I loved your video and anytime you want to dance with a girlfriend, just let me know. In the meantime, I will try and make out with Johnny Depp.

Arrrrrrr -


Anonymous said...

I will try to be worthy. :) But, yours is a hard act to follow.

Anonymous said...

oh, what a fabulous way to start my day! I'm now anxiously awaiting your next video of you getting down to a prince tune!
wen xo
(aka your previous dance partner)

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling, smiling. You're beautiful. Cannot wait to see you very soon. Allison

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe my luck at getting to read/watch 3 entire blogs upon returning from vacation. I think I overdosed. Your loving words about your dad, Edith and me filled my heart. Your dancing burst it. Kathy

Anonymous said...

if there was one dance i could do
for the rest of my life
i would do it with you, dear one
no stagnation
you are a creation of
imagination, and love at its best

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carla! That was so beautiful and fun. LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

awesome dance Carla! You are such an inspiration to me.


Beverly said...

Carla, Loved the video! You are a shining example of how to live life & never waste a single minute. I still follow the blog religiously & haven't missed one yet. I'm moving to LA soon & don't know if I would have had the courage to make that leap without the influence of your teaching & now your blog. I love you & miss you deeply. You were and remain my hero.


Anonymous said...

I thought you would appreciate this Carla. Joanna

To Say Nothing But Thank You by Jeanne Lohmann

All day I try to say nothing but thank you,
breathe the syllables in and out with every step I take through the rooms of my house and outside into
a profusion of shaggy-headed dandelions in the garden
where the tulips' black stamens shake in their crimson cups.

I am saying thank you, yes, to this burgeoning spring
and to the cold wind of its changes.
Gratitude comes easy
after a hot shower, when my loosened muscles work,
when eyes and mind begin to clear and even unruly
hair combs into place.

Dialogue with the invisible can go on every minute,
and with surprising gaiety I am saying thank you as I
remember who I am, a woman learning to praise
something as small as dandelion petals floating on the
steaming surface of this bowl of vegetable soup,
my happy, savoring tongue.

Bruce said...

Oh Carla,
as this video shows you're still a performer, and a pretty good one at that.

BTW-you'll be pleased to know that my speech recognition software, at first crack, gave me "oh harlot" instead of "Oh Carla"

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with no hint that it would become such a memorable day -- the day I encountered you! Exploring around the Antwerp train station piece someone had sent me, I began to find parts of your blog like hidden treasures. But what moved me most was the Carla-and-Aretha duet. My total emotion was love: not pity, not sadness, but as the response to utter goodness and beauty and wholeness.
If it means anything to you, you've touched a grandma who's mourning her toddler grandson, and who's struggling daily to re-discover life. I WILL try harder today. Thank you, Carla!

Jay said...

Beautiful! Kyla and I think about you all the time and are sending big love.


paulina said...

thank you for showing me i can be greater (and funner) than even i could have imagined!!!
thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
sending you wild, crispy, french fried toasty love across the airwaves!!

Anonymous said...

You are simply fabulous. Tonight, I will wiggle my sassy ass because I can. Thank you for the reminders, the lessons, and for sharing yourself with us, your muselings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Girl,

We (the Gladstone crew) are all here "Accentuating the Positive" every day, having a great time and admiring your strength, courage, and sassiness. Loved the video.

Love, Pat

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your world which is also our world.


A moment of joy
Is captured in your being,
MAGIC in our lives.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know this blog entry inspired me to kiss two guys in the orchestra pit tonight. It was the most spontaneous and fun thing I have done in about seven years. You teach all who read your blog to live full out. We worked together once and you were very kind and generous to me. It is a privledge to read your words.

Unknown said...

Carla, you are an inspiration! The light which shines through you is huge. Thank you! CeCe

maggie said...

love you Carla!

your faithful museling

Anonymous said...

No matter how dark it gets
You are a light to us...

Unknown said...

Your words touch me. The video tickles me.

Anonymous said...


I hope that you enjoy this -

I find your fabulous

Anonymous said...

TO: "I find you fabulous"

Wonderful video to share with Carla and ALL of us. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Woke up with all the little , petty details of life on my mind, checked to see if there was a new entry on your blog, nothing new, read this entry again, inspired again. How giving you are to share yourself with us,to teach us how to live better and not forget the sweetness of life, because we soon forget. By the way, you got a great sense of rhythm, girl!!

Anonymous said...

I want to be one of the first to wish you a lovely Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Carla, I really hope to find you on Twitter. Just quick, brief bursts of musings and updates.

Anonymous said...

I too hope you had a lovely warm and loving mother's day!

Anonymous said...

In order to ac-cen-tu-ate the pos-i-tive, I would be the happy recipient and typist of your words in order to keep the spirits of the "Muselings" nourished; if Matt D**k Taste isn't up to the task...

Nurse Ken?????