Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rainbows, Hummingbirds and Straight Men Who Like Shopping for Clothes With You

It doesn't happen very often. Mostly in the movies. I cheer and cheer but the Phoenix Suns never seem to triumph and my favorite shows get cancelled after a couple of seasons.

But sometimes, as rare as a rainbow, the good guy wins.

Savor it today. The sun is shining here and we are assured a victory. Savor it as people flood the streets dancing and banging on pots and pans. Savor the moment because it will fly away like a hummingbird and our normal lives will continue and after a couple of weeks we will stop waking up in a state of wonder. But today is our St. Crispins Day and "this story shall the good man teach his son" as Shakespeare ( or Henry V if you will) said. But instead of a "merry few" the whole world is waiting and hoping for this and it's actually going to happen.

It's an amazing day to be alive.

President Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

I'm still too gun shy from the last elections to count on those three world-changing words. But when I imagine being able to truly embrace them (tonight perhaps?!!), I think I'll fall to my knees in relief before the dancing begins.


Anonymous said...

The long dark night is over...for a while. Barack is gonna need everyone's support and help. Ask not and all that...but hey, for one day...I think perhaps rejoicing is in order, Carla, my friend. Joanna

Anonymous said...

Incredibly gutsy, but amazing "prediction". I'm sure Mac had assured you ten times over of the facts.

I like shopping for clothes...

Anonymous said...

Savour and use the inspiration as a kick in the ass.
We are all capable of so much more than our wee minds will allow us. Gratitude isn't shown by sending flowers. Gratitude is an action coming from deep inside us that pulls us out from the comfortable known.
Most of us reading this blog are indulging in entertainment, at Carla's very real expense. Think about it.
Out of respect for the lives we've been given, most of us healthy and secure with lives of plenty, out of gratitude for the inspiration and courage that Carla has extended to us, we should reciprocate with extraordinary actions that inspire and uplift others and that stretch us farther that we can imagine.
love to you Carla,
Susan P.