Friday, November 07, 2008

On Gay Marriage and Puppies

People are hearing the call and rising to the occasion. Two straight couples I know (independent of one another) are investigating how to get very publicly divorced and becoming domestic partners. These are long established couples with kids but do not want to enjoy a privilege that their gay friends are so unjustly being denied. Charlize Theron had already said she wouldn't get married until gay people could. United we stand, divided we have 8 years like the last two bullshit terms.

Another friend is launching a campaign asking all of us to email Barack Obama and asking him to please adopt a puppy instead of buying one from a breeder. What a message that would send. All around me people are thinking about the causes that matter to them and putting their money where there mouths are.

Here's the Barack Obama website:

In the meantime, I suggest we all work to ban Republican marriage and enjoy this song by my friend Roy:

I wish he could retire this song.

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Lawrence said...

Ironically, their federal income tax will decrease if they change their status from married to domestic partners.