Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm way too wiped to write both a Yoshi's blog and a limo night blog. My right hand fatigues easily and from what I understand it's best not to push it. I have been one-hand typing 50% of the time but now I'm doing 2 fingers on each hand until I train my voice-activated software. In other bullshit, my falling risk has increased because of the weakness in both my hip flexors and ankles and my OT wants me out of my apt and into a more suitable housing situation asap. This is easier said than done.

On the brighter side, lithium trial screening is this friday and the limo night and Yoshi's were amazing. To learn more about limo night go to:
and read alison's account of the evening. She does it much more justice that I ever could....But play some Bachman Turner Overdrive in the background as you read it.


donab said...

Yoshi's was indeed great. Carla, you were fabulous, beautiful and sang so fine. And for a good cause, too (har-de-ha-ha) :-)

Anonymous said...

i have never met you but have been reading your exquisite blog for a few months now. i am a nurse. and this is national nurse's week. so from my heart and healing nature, i wish for you as much strength as you can muster, freedom from pain, good friends to support you, and a love-filled life - all the way. best regards, dear one.