Monday, May 26, 2008

You Were Expecting Maybe Randy Pausch?

This is the speech I gave at the year end banquet at my school. It was also my last banquet period. It's kinda raunchy at times but hey, that's me. I think the underlying message is still good.


CT said...

You do realize that the tabloids will simply have a field day over the lecherous remarks you made-about your students, no less! And with your virgin eared, ivory skinned young boy in the room! Mercy me.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous in all the ways you are. Thank you for posting.
Love you dear Carla,

Anonymous said...

With Casey leaving in 2 years, I sometimes panic, "Oh my God, what have I forgotten to teach her?!!"

I can have her watch your remarkable speech when she gets home, and panic no more.

Thank you so much Carla,

Baba said...

That was truly magnificent...just like you! I continue to wonder how you got so smart so young ... and you did look 'Hot', no wonder you had so many dances!
Love ya and loved your speech. Baba

David MySky said...

Brilliant! Fucking brilliant! I'm in love with you, Carla Zilbersmith. And that chance you mentioned at 10:26, yeah, I'd take it. In a heartbeat. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go back and watch the video again.