Friday, January 04, 2008


Last night a group of my friends from different parts of my life met together as part of Driving Miss Craisy. I wasn't there but it sounded like an amazing event. I have a startlingly powerful group of friends with talents wide ranging and diverse and within a three hour span they had come up with all kinds of ideas of how to make this diagnosis a little easier on me and on those I love. Among the things that came out of the night was a website. If I am no longer able to type this blog or if I want to focus on the feeling zone rather than the practical day-to-day news then people can tune into
Yes, it's already up. That's how amazing these women are. ANother place to go is Alison's blog which is linked to this one.

The morning started with Gary coming over to help me break the news to Alicia my housecleaner who speaks very little English. It was a wrenching event which he handled with such compassion. Lynda and Gary have been in my life since our boys were two and it was brought home to me today how very dear they are to me. They have two wonderfully smart, funny and quirky kids, the older of the two I love like he was my own son. Wendy and Barry came by and did all kinds of handy work for me from fixing futon frames to hemming pants ( no more high heels for me, sadly) and Lisa led me thru some yoga with a gentle and loving hand.

THere is so much more to say but truthfully I'm too tired to say it. Maybe it's the drugs or maybe it's just the whirlwind of the last week-and-a-bit but I am bone tired. I will keep you all posted.

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