Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brian's Song

I missed my Monday yoga class so I went on Thursday instead and I had the privilege of partnering – perhaps by sheer coincidence or perhaps by the divine intervention of our divine yoga teacher, Barbara –with a woman whose husband is dying in hospice after a 4 year battle with ALS. I have seen this woman, Mary, in class so many times and never had a clue she was contending with something so huge. She was just a pleasant looking woman my age. Everyone carries with them this backpack of stories. Each of us has a story that will break hearts, a story that will delight, a story that will not allow people to look at you the same way ever again. I wish I had taken the time to hear people’s stories before I came to conclusions about them. I think I was just arrogant enough to believe that the stories I made up in my head for them were more interesting than the real ones. That’s my new resolution. Hear more stories.

I personally don’t believe that prayer can save a life or cure a disease but I DO think prayer can heal and healing is a very different journey than curing. It is in that spirit that I urge you - if you’re the praying type - to include Mary and her husband Brian in your prayers. I am sending my intention to Brian that he feel wrapped in the arms of peace, light and love in these final days.

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