Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I'm Missing Tonight

1. Being able to mime the rapid one handed jerking off motion that indicates to a person that you somehow disapprove of what they are saying
2. Being able to put my hand flat in front of me for an ironic high five
3. Rolling over
4. Owning the destiny of my own chin hairs rather than leave my fate to caregivers too young to know the pain of lady whiskers
5. Sex
6. A TV series that I'm obsessed with that I haven't already watched
7. A nice non- thickened Chardonnay
8. Holding a warm cup of coffee or tea with both hands and bringing it up to my cheek while I read in the morning all alone
9. Keeping ass wiping and suppository inserting to myself rather than having to share my shit with the entire world
10. Putting my arms around someone...anyone... and giving them a big strong hug


Anonymous said...

I miss #5 too...ugh!

Anonymous said...

Did you try Deadwood, Damages, The Wire?

Anonymous said...

I miss those things for you too....

Anonymous said...

I feel your hugs all the time....


Mayra said...

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cathalynn said...

Things I'm Missing Too--thank you so very much inflammatory arthritis:

10. X-country skiing alone at night--just me and the stars.
9. Snowshoeing.
8. Ice-skating in Italian figure skates that fit like a glove.
7. Cycling on my red and white road bike.
6. Looking like I'm really working on hard on the treadmill instead of just rolling around on the mat working on my core.
5. Travelling
4. Tap-dancing in my sparkly shoes.
3. Being carefree.
2. Going to the Olympics and hanging out with everyone else.
1. This house that I love but have to sell because I can't do the four flights of stairs anymore.

Bruce said...

#1, 5, 8 & 10 for me