Monday, December 14, 2009

Guest Blog by Jeannine Frank

My friend, Jeannine, is quite brilliant with lyrics.
Here's her birthday tribute to me, which you'll all enjoy.
Hum the Mary Poppins' tune Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious as you read it.

(if anybody doubts it quickly log on to her journal!)

When celebrating Carla it's so hard to find the phrase
That sums up all the feelings over many years and days
A singer, writer, comic shining bright upon the stage
Before this fuckin' drama threw our world into a rage -- when

Super crappy ALS that awful diagnosis
Burst upon the scene with its unscrupulous prognosis
If we scream out loud enough we’re sure to get ferocious
Couldn’t she have something else – like zits or halitosis?

Was seven or eight years ago a friendship did begin
She called to book an artist at the College of Marin
We stayed in touch occasionally and then there came a day
Her Wedding Singer Blues found a production in LA

And Super Carla’s magic on the stage was so terrific
All the parts she played were universal yet specific
Talented and sassy and incredibly prolific
She could star in Annie, Guys & Dolls or South Pacific

She has a son named Maclen who’s a chip right off the block
My guess is he was in the womb when he began to talk
He cracks her up completely even though it makes her cough
One day he’ll rule the world and we’ll be so much better off

Our Super Carla's magic touches people round the planet
Living every day as though her nerves were made of granite
Blogging all her insights -- we're so grateful she began it
Would that we could grab that ALS and fucking ban it!

So now she is a movie star for all the world to know
She’s also made a Calendar – which should raise lots of dough
She’s just so damn productive that it puts us all to shame
But we are all inspired everytime we hear her name

Yes Super Carla Zilbersmith there’s just nobody like you
I’m forever pissed that fucking ALS could strike you
All the lives you’ve touched are too innumerable to measure
Super Carla Zilbersmith you really are a treasure!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That rocked!

Anonymous said...

Such a lyrical gift. Perfect rhythm...fantastic!!!

maggie said...

I am going to be humming the carla song all week long... what a tribute!

Anonymous said...

oh, my, fucking god. this is AWESOME and way cool.

Anonymous said...

You said it & so perfectly!
Sending you much love & birthday wishes, Carla.


Unknown said...

Dear Carla (& blog fans) -- I'm so honored to be making a guest appearance on the Birthday Blog! While you're surrounded by your nearest and dearest in Berkeley -- I'll be sending birthday hugs from LA. There’s a saying that life is measured not by the number of years one lives but by the dash between the beginning and the end. I can’t imagine anyone ever making better use of that time than you have with your limitless creativity, wild humor, active participation in life – and by all the people whose lives you continue to brighten and enlighten. Sending love and blessings to my dashing friend! Jeannine

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

That was amazing.

--lisa o

Anonymous said...

This had me dancing across rooftops. It's glorious what Carla inspires...

Thanks Jeanine!!!