Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apparently, I'm Awesome

I'm in bit of a pickle here because I want to promote the documentary that's currently being done about me, but I don't want to look like I'm tooting my own horn. Unfortunately (or fortunately) a lot of the quotes below make it impossible for me to look like I'm not a bloviating narcissist, but I'm going to include them anyway because I think it's gonna be a great film and I want you all to watch it when it comes out. Here goes...

Leave Them Laughing has now been screened by test audiences in Berkeley California, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Vancouver British Columbia. Here's what those audiences have to say.

"Compelling viewing,very moving"--Peter,65, retired
"Awesome.Why does life need people like Carla to make us realize what we should already know" Tom,50,businessman
"Carla has an amazing sense of humour." Tim,47, mechanic,
"I really  enjoyed the whole fucking thing,especially the parts where I cried" Justin,36, carpenter
"Loved the off the wall humour"Chester,55,painter
"An amazing film, one of the best I've ever seen" Sam,21,tradesman
"Awesome, the humor is outstanding given the subject matter" Tom,48,carpenter
"This movie kept me laughing and I will always remember Carla" Susanna,24, hotel supervisor
"Thanks for introducing me to Carla. Her humour in the face of adversity is what I enjoyed most." Jean,53, designer
"Carla is a brave lady to make such a heart rending film, inspiring but sad" Anonymous female, 65,retired
"Thank you for introducing me to Carla who is fucking amazing. She has had a major impact on me" Vickie,36,bartender
""The movie is a true inspiration. I now cherish everything I took for granted an hour ago." Jenny,24, waitress
"It made me laugh and cry." Melody,26,photographer
"I really loved the film. It was powerful and inspiring, funny and highly entertaining." Christina,27,lawyer
"Loved it,a really strong movie and emotional experience," Rami,21,college student
"It seemed like the film would be a difficult balancing act between the seriousness of Carla's illness and her humor but the film was a perfect blend of the two." Mark,24, film editor
"Carla is fucking brilliant" Anonymous female,24, public relations
"Bravo. I really liked that Carla talked about her ALS experiences in a positive way." Lauren,21,student
"I really enjoyed the inspirational parts that remind us to live life to the fullest." Tanya,33, filmmaker
"Very up and down emotionally, you go from sad to glad in seconds." Karl,49, contractor
"A moving movie. I really enjoyed seeing a sense of humor from a person that's dying." Alphonse.56,taxidriver
"Fucking just great" John,57,cabinet maker
"Excellent balance of sad,humor and "tear jerking" episodes" -- Len,73,retired
"Oh my, I cant believe someone can crack jokes while going through this awful disease." -- Lilo,74,retired
"Swearing is not my thing but Carla has made everything she says and does so very compelling." -- Kel,65,Consultant
"I couldn't stop crying. Carla and Maclen are so brave,funny and completey loveable." Lyn, 69,retired
"How is that a film like this changes your view of life so completely. Man, compared to Carla I didn't know anything about how to handle tragedy." -- John 67 teacher-
"This is one very special lady. How can an hour and half change my way of dealing with challenges after doing another way for 70years." -- Brian 71 retired-
"I have a new hero,her name is Carla. Her humour,passion, talent and complete courage are now part of my memory for ever." -- Lael 47 consultant


Anonymous said...

and without seeing the film i would say:
fucking amazing
fucking amazing
fucking amazing

and i am sure i learned from carla that using the "f" word liberally is a good thing.

thanks, carla. :)

Anonymous said...

bloviate: : to speak or write verbosely and windily- So says Merriam Webster for those who may have wondered. Any bloviation here is the truth and nothing but. Great stuff, Carla- word of the day and documentary of the year!

Anonymous said...

When is this doc going to hit the theatres? Didn't realize it was done.

Anonymous said...

DONATE EVERYONE! EVERY bit helps and it is tax deductible!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're setting up a sneak peek for fundraising purposes at College of Marin, Friday, November 20.

Contact: Sandy