Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Few Things

So here's a few things:

I was initially so dismayed that Rick Warren was chosen as a spiritual representative for the Obama Inauguration. For one thing it was a slap in the face to all the gay couples, families of gay people and friends o’ gays that took the passing of Prop 8 as a heavy blow. For another, his dogged and foolish fight against stem cell research has influenced others. The lack of stem cell research in this country has caused an unknown number of deaths, maybe even my own –and for what? A gross misunderstanding of the use and the acquisition of embryonic stem cells. For example – what about the embryos that fertility clinics throw out every day? Ignorance bothers me, but willful ignorance – man that pisses me off.

But when I listened to Obama I had to wonder if one of the many ways he challenges us to show up and participate in the affairs or our world, our country and our community is the challenge to accept and forgive. This morning I was talking to Mayra, a devout Buddhist, about a difficult person in my life and she said “Ya, but you gonna have to forgive or you keep coming back and meeting that person in the next life until you learn.” No fair! Who wants to forgive? Gene Robinson does. He’s the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop who gave one of the many Obama inaugural week benedictions. When he and Rick Warren crossed paths, Bishop Robinson was friendly and told Warren he would pray for him. This guy gets major points with me not only for that but also because he’s hilarious enough to crack Jon Stewart up. Stewart asked him if it was hard to get around D.C. when he could “only move diagonally” to which the Bishop replied “don’t forget, there’s also a queen on the board.” Sweet.

Maybe the hardest folks to forgive are the ones we need to start with. Hamas and Israel. How does that one end happily without a mountain of faith and forgiveness from one side or the other? Prop 8. Can gay people and those of us who fiercely love “our gays” forgive the homophobes in this state? IS there anyway for them to understand us without us loving the fuck out of them? (their greatest fear) Can we ever forgive Iraq and Afghanistan for hoarding our oil? (D’oh! There I go again – you see I’m new at this benevolent shit.)

Obama was gracious to the domestic terrorist Bush but it wasn’t appeasement. He talked about restoring science to its proper place, he rejected the false choice between safety and ideals and he said that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. If that didn’t make Bush squirm in his seat I don’t know what could.

As for me, I will try not to expect too much of Obama and expect more of myself. I think I’ll start by working on that pesky forgiveness thing…um….can I wait til tomorrow? That way I can hate the shit out of someone and just get it out of my system? No? Drat.


I haven’t figured out the vlog thing yet (too sleepy) but I did upload a video of me singing at the Sydney Opera House. It’s on my youtube channel which has some kind of dodgy stuff on it (I mean like worse than the blog) so don’t watch stuff if you offend easily. My comedy partner Gina and I did a series of dating service videos that are on there and I also have some videos from my now defunct website where different characters talked about having sex with Bush since apparently that’s the only way to get someone impeached in this country. Anyhow – long way of saying that the Sydney video is there along with some videos from when I could actually sing. (That sounded whiny).


I didn’t eat vegemite in Oz as all challenges kinda went out the window after the hospital stay. I am however accepting challenges for my Orlando trip to the Holyland Theme Park. I will ask Jesus to help me walk (duh) but I’m open to anything within the borders of Holyland and Disneyworld and the Pirate-themed hotel in which we’re staying (yes, they have wheelchair accessible pirate rooms, Virginia!)


Finally, I’m including a picture of the most bad ass wheelchair ever! This chair would ALMOST make ALS worthwhile. (It has a flame thrower!)


Anonymous said...

you rock.

have i ever told you that after i read your blog all i see are white and black lines\? not racial, mind you, just my eyes playing tricks on me!

stay solid.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not upset or pissed with me, Carla. And if you are I hope you will tell me. I have not had any response from you in a while and want to make sure all is okay. Joanna

Anonymous said...

How do you get to your stuff on YouTube?

Lawrence said...

This is related to your earlier blog. You stated that there was to be a fire dancer at your "welcome home," and my wife and I went to The Crucible to see the fire ballet "Dracul." The Crucible has DVDs of its fire operas and ballets. They are expensive, but you might be able borrow a set if your condition is explained. Good wishes.
Loy Wiese

Anonymous said...

thanks for your observations on the world from your world.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Carla!

Here's the link to the Sydney Opera House video:


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla; I have the same problem you do - forgiveness and the hardest is forgiving myself. As for the so called terrorist of the world, I think one has to put on their shoes and walk a long way before judging them. You hear so often that if your fighters are not in uniform and actually have legal arms, they are terrorist. I am not sure about that. If you lived in a country that you believed is yours and some other people are occupying it, telling you what to do, where to go and limit you to an area that you must stay in - wouldn't you be a little miffed. One has to look back and learn how this all came about before judging people for blowing themselves up. Just like the Hungarians fighters fighting the Germans in the WW2, they had to smuggle arms, plant bombs in road ways - anything they could do to reclaim their land. Is this any different than other occupied lands and remember the Hebrew God is a War God - just read the old testiment. That probably sounds like I am against Jews - I am not. I just feel for anyone who has to live under occupation. Everyone wants peace and I hope and pray that Obama will meet with these people and try and come to a solution. We have done so much damage in Irag and Afganistan and sometime we will call it an end and all we will have to remember is our dead. I hope I haven't depressed you - maybe it's my age, I am in the last part of my life and I guess I see things differently than some.

Unknown said...

Boy, if only you'd had THAT wheelchair for "War & PeaceMeal!"

You are such soul, Carla. I'm glad you're committed to this blog because we need your eye, your voice, your being. Or at least I do. Obama or not, we/I need you. Let's hope research...or Lordes...or something, comes up with something to ensure you remain.

No matter, what grace to have you here now.

much love & appreciation always, & still praying,