Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sydney Challenge

It's that time again - I'm going to Australia and I'm accepting non-snogging challenges. i'll take 3. So far I have one from some former students which is whenever someone asks me why I'm in a wheelchair I have to tell them a dingo ate my baby. I leave December 27th so put your thinking caps on now.


Megan Lynch said...

Hahahaha! I'm glad you're seeing a bit of the world. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have you read "dead heart"? It's an hilarious book about a man who has a midlife crisis and decides to sell everything, fly to Australia, buy a van, and drive across the outback. First night out, he hits a kangaroo (apparently, you're never supposed to drive at night in the outback because of the kangaroos)by the second day he's had enough of the oblivion he came to experience and then catastrophe strikes, I won't tell you what, because, maybe you'll read it.

But, I will say that that book made me want to see the outback so badly. So, my request, which obviously isn't remotely clever, is, please take pictures of the outback so I can see it. :) Unless you're up to boxing a roo, because I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of that either.


Anonymous said...

Carla have a great trip!!! Who are you going with and why Australia?
xo Susan P.

Anonymous said...

Tony has a couple of suggestions for your challenge. #1 is a variation on "a dingo ate my baby", I ate a dingo's baby, #2 you met up with a dingo in distress and you gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (since snogging is out). We'll keep working on it!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carla!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by your angels and your son.

Love, Pat

Anonymous said...


Take the legs from a Kangaroo/use one as a wheelchair the entire trip!!

*imagines Carla in a pouch* Pure bliss...

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in Australia. It is a richly beautiful beautiful country with very friendly and helpful people. On top of that, IT IS SUMMER THERE, so stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Eat Vegemite!

A Fellow Yogini

Ezra Fox said...

Dear Carla the Awesome,

For your consideration, I offer the following challenges:

Option 1: Marry an Aussie.
Option 2: Challenge an Aussie to a drinking game.
Option 3: Play wheelchair rugby.
Option 4: Introduce a non-native invasive species to Australia.
Option 5: Go on a roll-about.
Option 6: Sarah's challenge "eat a lot of cheese."
Option 7: Go around with a small knife and a big knife to play "that's not a knife- this is a knife!" You can also go up to people with worse wheelchairs than you and play "that's not a wheelchair- this is a wheelchair."

Have an incredible time. I can't wait to read what you write about your trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to involve a challenge about Steve Irwin... Maybe if someone asks you out, tell them "Nah, the last relationship I had didn't go so well. It felt like a stingray barb went right through my heart!"

Too atrocious?

Anonymous said...

DON'T eat Vegemite!!!!

Anonymous said...

As touristie as it the one hour harbor is short and a great way to see a lot of Sydney Bay. If you get a chance...The Blue Mountains are close to can take a train. Trains are a great way to get about...I am fairly sure they are decent for wheelchair access. What cities are you intending to hit?

Anonymous said...


Sing outside of the Sydney Opera House...our family favorite "Auntie Carla Blackbird" or whatever moves you in that moment.

And please have Papa make a video.

I love you so much.


Anonymous said...

My challenge to you is to get a tan WITHOUT any tan lines....enter a drinking contest with a rugby team ( I mean they will have to let you win...) and win a limbo contest... other than that my challenge is to have a fantastic time :)
love you faithful museling,