Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Pales-in Comparison (to a qualified candidate)

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer — except that you have actual responsibilities,"

Sarah “Lady Pistol” Palin

I guess if you don’t know what the fucking Vice-President does then it’s not surprising that you might get a little confused about the duties of a community organizer.

I watched Palin’s speech on my computer (no TV since 97 – don’t miss it) and I have to say a chill ran through me. Remember how those two awesome ladies, Ann Richards and Molly Ivins, now both dead, warned us about underestimating George Bush and his political skill? I think the same can be said about this red-necked, gun-toting, over-zealous breeder. She has an appeal to the Fox News watching, huntin’, debt accruing, trans fat eating American crowd for sure. She made having a special-needs 4 month old an asset (“Those of you with special needs kids will now have an advocate in the White House.”) without mentioning any social programs to help special needs kids that haven’t already been decimated would be further eroded under McCain/Palin. She made her daughter’s impending shotgun marriage ( and Levi knows Mrs. Palin is a good shot and already owns the shotguns, so he had reason to be nervous!) seem like an occasion for joy. She was snarky in that way only cute women can get away with. If Hillary had said some of the stuff she said, she would be “bitter” or “bitchy.” But a cutie like Palin says it and she’s a sassy little rascal. I speak as a cute woman who gets away with a lot of bullshit. I know, believe me.

I hope we can keep focused on the real issues facing this country. I hope Barack will not be driven off message by the pitbull in lipstick. I hope Biden is courteous and subtly condescending in the debates.

In other news, I love watching the action and listening to conversations from of my deck. Why just the other night I watched Raymond Burr haul pieces of his wife out of his apartment in….wait, that was Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, not me. I was just listening to a toddler on the street melt down to his mom. “Tell me the plan!” he bellowed, face swollen from crying. “TELL….ME…..THE…..PLAN!” I felt for the poor agenda driven waif. Remember when you were a kid and every minute of the day was NOT scheduled? I remember when a mom’s only job in the summertime was to serve you 3 meals and get you to bed on time. Your job was to keep the hell out of her way. Now I’m not suggesting the only alternatives are between
“The Lord of the Flies Parenting Handbook” and a campaign press junket, I’m just saying we’ve got kind of attached to sticking to “THE PLAN” and it’s infected the young-uns.

Meanwhile, two great parents and people I adore more than almost anyone are going through the health crisis of their lives and all I can think about is how much I love them and what I wouldn’t trade to have a week of being able-bodied so I could do their laundry, cook their dinner and distract their kids. Oh precious readers, whatever is plaguing you - how bad can it really be? If you and your family are healthy – go have a great weekend, have fun, eat an extra helping of dessert.

Rumi says: People want you to be happy, don’t keep serving them your pain.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are back. Missed you for a few days but am glad all is well now. You have nailed every issue involving Mrs. Palin. Levi is probably very relieved that, if they win, his mother-in-law will be in Washington not Alaska. As for dwelling on troubles, I plan to set my issue aside and have that extra helping of dessert because I am blessed with a healthy, happy family who loves their mother/grandmother. Who could ask for more? Again, you inspire.

CT said...

I'm voting McCain/Palin because I'm not as sexually attracted to Joe Biden. And my vote is equal to yours! AHHHHH HAH HAH HAAA!

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh is to have said something along the lines of--babies, Jesus & guns--hot damn! This is not an exact quote, but it (and the fact that Rush said it) says it all.

And thank you, again, for reminding us to keep things in perspective.

My heart goes out to you & your family. Much love.

Anonymous said...

The contest is actually more about economics in my humble opinion. Read The Shock Doctrine and you may better understand how Bill Clinton AND GW Bush both opted into the Free Trade philosophy. I am not sure Obama really plans on reversing this. He has said he is for free trade. Milton Friedman is the true evil genius behind the current mess and his Chicago Boys and he got a Nobel Prize for economics. Alan Greenspan continued the philosophy which has wreaked enormous damage and human misery throughout the world and is beginning to happen here as well. In fact, the best thing we can do is forge strong communities, look into the co housing community lifestyle and organize at a grass roots level. If Obama is who he appears to be, he is laying low, hoping to get power so he can begin to undo the damage of Friedman and Greenspan and the rest of extremist Chicago Boys and the Harvard Mafia. Granted, McCain is crazy and Palin is evil but it all comes down to money and who is going to see that wealth is redistributed. I am thinking of moving to a Democratic socialist country like Sweden to tell you the truth. We live in scary CORPORATE times, folks. Read the book, The Shock Doctrine, and then figure out how best to combat the evil that surrounds us. Joanna

Anonymous said...

Heard you were ill, I hope you are beginning to feel better. I loved your blog concerning Miss Prissy from Alaska. I know her type, when I was a teen I wanted to go with a friend to a Christian dance in downtown Vancouver, not that I was a good Christian in their eyes, but I was always curious about everything, so wanted to see what their dances were like. But I wasn't allowed according to my friend because I wore lipstick and would have been taken for a loose girl. That really ticked me off but I had the last laugh, being as the Evangelist that was officiating was found to lead a double life. After his nice appearance on stage he would dress up in biker duds and look for little girls to play with. He finally got on pregnant and was then found out. His wife wasn't too please either. If people could just get their priorities right and try and fix all the things that are broken in this world - the poor, the sick, the homeless, the lonely and make education equal for the underprivileged as well as the privileged, wouldn't it be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog about Sarah Palin. though some of the initial statements about her are untrue, the blog which started out being sent to 40 women now has as of today over 90,000 responses!! Obama/Biden are the only choice we have to move our country in the right direction.

Fritz said...

What do you have against 'breeders'?