Saturday, March 15, 2008


Since there were so many comments on the last blog I decided to write a blog in response.

1) Your blog comments, phone calls and emails were overwhelming. I will have these words ( and all the others you have written) to cherish for the rest of my life and then Mac will have them and he will know that I was surrounded by love and I was so damned lucky. Receiving all of these responses made me smile and weep, sometimes at the same time. Nobody really knows how big of an impact they have on someone’s life but rest assured you all have had a HUGE impact on mine. I’m humbled in the face of such compassion.
2) The gigs coming up are: April 12, 8pm Steinway Hall, LA ( it’s a benefit organized by my agent and called “A Carlabration”. I’ll be doing 15 minutes at the end); May 6 – a benefit at Yoshi’s in Oakland organized by Mike Zilber, my “babydaddy” – again I’ll be doing a few numbers and June 14 at the Jazzschool in Berkeley – that one is all mine with my fabulous band from the cd that I mentioned in the last blog. My son and my students and I are also collaborating on a piece that will open at College of Marin on April 25 and run for 3 weekends. It's a musical comedy about the Iraq War and other stupid things. This will be my last show.
3) I had the same vocal problems in the studio today but I didn’t let it get to me. Some days you break down like Bob Dylan’s little girl and some days you just say, “okay you cocksucker gods, bring it on.”

I am feeling all your hugs and I’m drinking in all this love.


Anonymous said...

I love you.


Anonymous said...

i will hope to see you at one of these gigs. keep singing. and writing. and sharing with us, as so well you do.

thanks! all best!