Monday, February 18, 2008

Barak Obama, Auntie Carla!

Some Random Thoughts

1) Favorite joke: Researchers are observing two children – an optimist and a pessimist. The pessimist is in a small room packed to the brim with the best toys money can buy but she sits in the middle of her riches crying because she can’t decide which one to play with. The optimist is in a room filled with horse shit and is gleefully flinging it around and about the room. The researchers ask the child why she’s throwing the shit around and she replies: “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”
2) I called it. River is an exceptional album and I didn't need no Grammy award to know that. Hooray for Herbie Hancock.
3) Go see Walkin’ Talkin Bill Hawkins at the African American Cultural Center in SF. It’s a beautiful and moving show. For more info go to
4) Where the fuck is my pony?
5) My 3 year old niece supports Barak Obama.
6) This is not a useful demographic for him.
7) A lot (not all!) of my friends who are in relationships express discontent about said relationship (not your husband/wife gentle reader – just my other friends’) and a lot….okay almost all of my single friends express discontent about being single. So who’s happy? Rumi says: Longing is the core of mystery. Longing itself brings the cure. The only rule is, Suffer the pain.
8) Ummmm, Pony?
9) Twice this weekend I had people come out to support me – once for a gig I was singing on and once for a fundraiser organized by Allen Taylor and orchestrated by Kaila Flexer. It’s hard to know what to do with so much kindness. I’m ridiculously blessed to know so many fantastic people.
10) I hope I have more steam on future gigs. It’s hard to keep up the energy. Impossible to know if it’s cold related or ALS related, permanent or passing. I live inside a giant question mark.
11) You are my pony. You all know who you are.


Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog: well-written, moving, honest, poetic.

reality is the master of all company. you do it well.

much love...

Carla Zilbersmith said...

Thank you anonymous. YOu write well yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where is that pony?

I love the Rumi quote.