Saturday, January 09, 2010

Interesting article by a brilliant man


Anonymous said...

What a bizzare disease...looking for the metaphor here.
Thanks for this - I sent it to all my clients.
He's amazing.sending love,

Ezra Fox said...

Wow. Pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

Ouch..that pretty much sums it up!

Greta Koenigin said...

This is probably too negative to post on your mostly sunny blog about dying. Thanks for the article. I can't stand that this disease exists and that you are forced to die this way by it. I wish I had some wisdom or a trace of optimism in my response. Or some words of comfort. I don't. And I'm sorry.

marc said...

Carla my sweet:

Dunno if you’ll come across this love letter, but enough putting it off.

I “met” you at the College of Marin screening of your film. That is, I was amused, enchanted, deeply moved, and ultimately seduced by you in the film, and then thoroughly assured that my feelings were real once you appeared on the stage during Q&A.

What a beautiful woman you are, Carla Zilbersmith, despite the clunkiness of that last name...well, what the hey, more genuine than “Tony Curtis” anyway….

I presume that your infrequent entries in this blog, this cyberlink between you and me and your many other worshippers, is due to greater and greater body challenges.

Let’s face it: I resent this. How dare these body malfunctions interfere in our love affair.

On the other hand, your situation is what allowed me to discover you among the multitudes on this planet, Perhaps some day when I’m simply overflowing with largesse I’ll be capable of thanking the disease for bringing you forward, even as you head for the escape hatch...but don’t count on it.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, for going public with the nitty-gritty of who you are and what you’re dancing with. Thank you for your great largesse...for your gloriously whopping big heart...for your wonderful, wicked sense of humor...for your sharp eye and intellect directed onward and upward.

You are a beautiful being, Carla. Thanks again and again for letting me and us bask in your radiance...and for sharing your amazing kid with us, too.

Your lovestruck admirer to the end, and perhaps beyond, given the chance--


Anonymous said...

Tony Judt's essay "Night", linked in the article cited here was both illuminating and chilling - probably more so for those of us who only know you in this virtual world, where you have spared us from most of the horrific aspects of this disease. Somewhere there is a special corner of hell for ... what? Whoever invented this fucking disease? I am left speechless, helpless, and then I think of you and your amazing ability to love, and I breath again.

maggie said...

Ditto everything Marc said....